Appliance Repair Local To You

Local Appliance Repair

There is nothing worse than your appliance breaking done and in need of a repair? There is never a good time or a right time, it is always the wrong time! So what should you do and who should you contact?

Before looking for a local appliance repair company, do a little homework.

  1. Is your machine still under warranty?
  2. What is the make and model of your machine?
  3.  What is your machines problem?
  4. How much are you willing to pay for a fix?
  5. Is there a local appliance repair company available?
  6. Can the appliance repair company visit and complete the repair at a mutually convenient time?

Company With Local Technicians:

A recommended company would be:

Sentinel Appliance Repair, 4118 McCullough Avenue, Suite 125, San Antonio, Texas, 78212.

Telephone: 210-610-1964

Check out their website for locations that they cover:

Once you have decided to telephone or email the appliance repair firm, a few things to ask and have to hand are:

  1. Is your machine under warranty?
  2. Roughly how old is your machine?
  3. What is wrong with your machine?
  4. What is the machines make and model?
  5. Does the technician have experience working on your make and model of machine?
  6. Are spare parts for your machine carried as standard so as to save time and money therefore a second call might not be needed?
  7. Can the repair be completed at a convenient time for you?
  8. Last but not least what are the costs?

This is not an exhaustive list but a good start.  It prepares you and the technician, so you both know what to expect. A good appliance repair company should inform you when you contact them if a repair is feasible assuming you inform them of the details as above.

Not the best of times for everyone concerned, but a little bit of thought and time can save you a small fortune.

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