Myths about Tree Pruning

Myths About Tree Pruning
1. Should You Prune A Tree?

Have you decided to prune a tree because you think it needs one? That’s good as the real question now is whether to hire a professional or do it yourself. You need to be very careful and choose wisely. If the tree is large and the pruning is going to be tricky then pick up the phone and call an arborist without thinking twice. So, why should we even consider pruning in the first place?
Trees need to be kept in a shape that allows them to grow stronger and healthier. In order to do that pruning is required, helps in better air circulation and new growth. Thinning and diseased branches will hinder the growth and will drain the resources. Professionals have knowledge and the expertise to determine what will affect the tree growth and will make sure your tree stays healthy. To get more information as to why one must consider pruning take a look at this When, Why and How to Prune your Tree. Let’s now look at some of the myths that you will find and will affect your tree badly.

2. Myths and The Actual Facts

2.1. Pruning is unnecessary, there is no need!

The most common and worst myth when it comes to the tree health. Let’s look at it this way, we all go for a haircut once in a while. Why? Because we know what will happen if we don’t, hair will grow slower, thinner and less attractive with time. Similarly trees need a boost to grow, uneven branches need to be cut giving them a more healthier and improved look. Seek help from professionals and they will guide you through the whole process.

2.2. Summer is not the right time to prune a tree!

Well this is something embedded in our minds since childhood. Guess what “summer has nothing to do with Tree Pruning”. If you have had a chance to meet an arborist you will know that there is no factual information regarding any harmful effects to trees if pruned in summer. They will grow better and fuller if pruned, so don’t stop to get rid of those nasty branches affecting your tree’s health.

2.3. Over pruning is going to kill your trees

This is what we hear people say if they catch you pruning a tree. Let them know once and for all, pruning a tree is not going to kill it. Yes you need to understand when and how to prune but you are definitely not ending its life. If you don’t have enough knowledge about the way a tree is going to react to pruning you should hire professional Tree Removal Services.

2.4. Your tree will die if pruned at the wrong time

Another absurd myth. Trees cannot simply die of pruning even done at the wrong time. You might harm the tree but it sure is going to get better with professional help. Before you start, get some information as to when you shouldn’t play with trees. Long story short, if the sap is flowing then avoid pruning as it will hinder the growth of the tree.

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