DIY Or Hire A Tradesman?

Tradesman Or DIY?

ElectricianAlways the big question when you need something done about the house or garden. I am obviously biased, especially when it comes to electricity as for safety reasons alone, I would always say when it comes to electrics, and you can afford it, go for a qualified electrician. In fact if the budget allows I would always go for a tradesman. That way you know the job is done correctly, quickly and normally has a guarantee.

But for the DIY’ers out there, before you start any kind of repairs or modernisation;

  • Make a plan of what you wish to do.
  • Ensure you have the correct tools.
  • Check on YouTube to see if there is a show and tell video.
  • Make sure you have a supplier of the correct materials.
  • If it is a construction job, make sure you get all the relevant permits and permissions.
  • Make sure you have a budget and try to stick to it.
  • Check with tradesman friends for hints and tips.

The above list is not in any particular order, but certainly needs to be completed, if nothing else it will reduce the amount of blunders encountered.


TradesmanIf you decide you do have the budget or can find it, or you feel unable to do the job yourself, or you want the job done quickly and correctly with a guarantee, or for any other reason you wish to employ a tradesman.



Then before you employ a tradesman;

  • Have a plan of exactly what you want done.
  • If it is a construction job, make sure you get all the relevant permits and permissions.
  • Work out your budget and stick to it.
  • Ask friends and neighbors for recommendations, then make a list.
  • Check online for the trade required, then add to your list.
  • Check your list of names online for customer comments, recommendations and any other mentions.
  • When you contact the companies concerned, ensure they are qualified and certified for the trade concerned.
  • Ask if they have a previous satisfied customer list that you can contact.
  • Ask to see any previous work completed.
  • Have at least two or possibly three quotations before deciding on which contractor to hire.

The list is endless, but I would certainly check off the above before proceeding with any work I required to be done.