Why Does The Air From My A/C Smell So Bad?

Whydoestheairfrom your airconditioner smellsHave you noticed that your A/C is giving out some weird smells every time you switch it on? Are you wondering whether this is normal? Don’t worry anymore. We are here to explain the reasons for your experience and what you can possibly do to save yourself from such menace.

Two of the most frequent Air conditioning unit smells include:

  1. A “dirty sock” or a musty smell.

This smell is typically caused by bacteria, mold, and mildew build up inside the air conditioner.

  1. A rotten egg smell.

This smell is usually brought about by a dead animal or a pest problem in your air conditioning unit.

Now, let us show you how to diagnose the issue you are experiencing and what can be done to get rid of the weird smell.

If the Air Conditioner smells like “dirty socks” or mildew, you are likely to have one of the following problems:

  • A condensate line being clogged
  • Mold in the ductwork
  • Mold on the evaporator coils

We will discuss these issues in more details and how we can get them fixed.

  1. Mold on the evaporator coils

So, why and how does mildew and mold grow on the evaporator coils?

Let us answer this. As the warm air passes over the cold coils, what happens? Well, condensation definitely takes place. And if there is any dust or dirt present, this offers the best breeding avenues for mold, bacteria, and mildew.

Signs which shows your evaporator coil is dirty

  • Ice formation on coils
  • Visible signs of mildew, bacteria or mold buildup on the evaporator coils
  • Abnormally Weak air flow

Mold and bacteria on the evaporator coil.

What to do: Allow an expert clean the evaporator coil in a professional way. Typically, this needs disassembly and that’s why we don’t encourage trying to clean up this for yourself.

  1. Mold located inside your air duct

If you happen to see mold growing inside your air duct system, it might have been brought about by:

. Leaks present in the air duct system

. Mold growth which is spread from another source

. Incredibly High indoor humidity level

Signs of mold growing in your air duct system:

You can only know whether mold is growing in the air duct system by inspecting your ducts visually.

What You Need To Do:

Let an expert inspect your ductwork system. An expert will be able to inspect the areas that you can’t reach because they utilize the state-of-the-art inspection cameras.

  1. Condensate drain line that is clogged

Condensate drain lines are designed to effortlessly catch and drain away condensation which drips off the evaporator coils. If this unit gets’s clogged, the stagnant water which is trapped can naturally lead to bacteria and mold growth.

What You need to do.

There are special instructions you can follow to alleviate the problem, but you’d rather not try to deal with the problem on your own. Simply get an expert to unclog the unit for you.

If your Air conditioner smells like rotten eggs, you might have a dead animal or pest problem in your attic or air ducts.

What You need to do

Let a pest control expert locate and have the animal removed.

Still not sure what is causing your Air Conditioner to stink? Just call the experts at comfortilio.com experts today.



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